Does Permanent Hair Removal Really Work?


Today’s topic is about something that ladies and gentlemen both agree on, and it is body hair removal or hair removal in general. No one likes to have or see a hairy body. Whether you were a lady or a gentleman, you would like for your body to be smooth and shiny, not covered with a forest of hair that is hiding all the great spots and ruining the rest of your look, especially at the beach! So what can you do about that hair? Well, many hair removal methods have been created to help people get rid of unwanted hair but the thing is, none of them could rid you of that hair once and for all. Therefore, people started researching, thinking, experimenting, and using their knowledge and technology until they had finally found a way to get rid of hair permanently. But is it really permanent though? It’s a really controversial topic to talk about because people have tons of different opinions about this subject, and surprisingly, almost every one of them has proof of their statements. And here you find yourself lost and confused asking yourself what could be the best hair removal method out there? And who can you believe? If you want all of your questions about permanent hair removal answered, stick around with me because today we are taking a bit of a deep dive into the realm of hair removal methods. What are the options? Which one is the best? Is it safe? Is it painful? All of these questions and a bit more will be answered and discussed so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Let’s Talk About Hair Removal:

As we all know, hair removal is the process of removing every inch of unwanted hair all over your body. How is it done? That’s the question that we should be discussing and not just answering. Taking things one thing at a time, why don’t we start with normal hair removal or non-permanent hair removal? They say that in order to successfully remove your body hair, you have to understand its nature and how it grows so you can prevent it from growing in the first place. Hair growth consists of three simple phases which are:

1. Anagen (The Growth Phase).

2. Catagen (The Transitional Phase).

3. Telogen (The Resting Phase).

Hair spends different amounts of time at each phase. This time is determined by genetics, hormones, and the part of the body where the hair is growing. When choosing a hair removal method, all of these factors must be taken into account. So with that in mind, let’s talk about the most commonly used methods and how they are done.

● Shaving:

Shaving is the classic first introduction to hair removal for everyone. As easy as it is, it is temporary and not effective at all. Unlike popular belief, shaving doesn’t make your skin darker, it doesn’t make your body hair thicker, and it doesn’t make your body hair grow faster or slower. All it does is that it turns your hair tip from natural and tapered into a blunt tip. However, if you want to have a smoother, much more effective shave, always start by moisturizing your skin first to help your razor glide more smoothly on your skin so you can avoid nicks and cuts.

● Waxing:

The famous, most painful way to get rid of your unwanted hair. This method consists of warming the wax up, spreading it on the skin in the same direction as the hair, then pulling it off in the opposite direction using a piece of fabric. You have to be very careful using this method because burn injuries are likely to occur if you weren’t cautious enough.

● Threading:

This method is often used for facial hair because it can be very painful and time-consuming When used to get rid of big patches of hair. It consists of doubling and twisting a cotton or polyester thread then rolling it over the unwanted hair areas.

Now all of that sounds great but let’s get to our main point, permanent hair removal.

What About Permanent Hair Removal?

That’s the dream, isn’t it? Not having to deal with unwanted body hair ever again, it must feel great. If only it was true though. Yeah that’s right, I hate to be a buzzkill but there’s no such thing as permanent hair removal, there’s only permanent hair reduction, which is great too! So far, no one has managed to find or create a way that rids you of your unwanted hair for good but looks at the bright side, there are a lot of ways to reduce them, make them less visible, and postpone their growth for as much as possible. I mean it’s not really that bad, you basically just get rid of those hairs for a few months then do the removal again to buy yourself another few months, that’s like a few sessions that you have to do approximately twice a year, I don’t see what's the harm in that! So now that we know about the ugly but digestible truth, let’s take a look at our options for semi-permanent hair removal methods, shall we?

● Electrolysis:

This one’s maybe your best bet according to doctors’ and specialists’ testimony. This method consists of inserting a fine needle into each hair follicle individually and heating it up until it dies. According to the FDA, this method could give permanent results but it’s really a case-by-case kind of thing. It might never give the same results to everyone, but it’s totally worth giving a shot.

● Laser Hair Removal:

This method consists of heating up the hair follicles in order to stop new hairs from growing in the future. The laser basically puts hair follicles in a state of inactivity for a long period of time, and when they become active again, these hair follicles grow much fewer lighter hairs. Although it is thought to be a permanent hair removal method, it really just reduces the amount of unwanted hair.

● IPL:

IPL, or intense pulsed light, uses a piece of intense broad-spectrum light with multiple wavelengths to reduce unwanted body hair, improve skin’s pigmentation and overall texture, and reduce acne and sun damage signs. This method is used to target the very root of the hair so it won’t ever grow back for as long as possible.

So, What’s The Bottom Line Here?

You know what they say, nothing is perfect so instead of being annoyed by the absence of our undiscovered permanent hair removal treatment, why don’t we just take advantage of what we already have?! Clinics all over the world are working hard, using their expertise and technologies to keep you away from unwanted hair for as long as they can, and if visiting them twice or thrice a year is the only way to do so, then why not? Better than sitting around covered in hair waiting for the ultimate solution to fall down from the sky!


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