How To Tighten Skin


Your skin is your most precious treasure. It’s one of the secrets to your beauty and the thing that gives you your ultimate look and glamour. Some ladies cherish that and try to protect their skin with everything they can by using skin care routines to keep their skin alive, fresh, well, and radiant, while others tend to go to clinics when needed to get their skin issues taken care of to extend the lifespan of their skin. But unfortunately, and I hate to be the one telling you this, whatever you do and no matter the routine and the products you use, your skin will eventually face its death and will look wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet straight in the eyes. It’s inevitable, but you just do your best to postpone it to another time and keep your young shiny skin a little longer. And because we care about your skin just as much as you do, we’re covering exactly this topic. How to prevent your youthful skin from becoming saggy and old? What to avoid? What to do? We’ll take a bit of a deep dive into these questions and more to rest your buzzing head and put your worries at ease. Stick around for this quick read to decode this together with us.

Let’s start off here by getting to know our enemy a little better by taking a look at the types of facial wrinkles and where they come from.

Types Of Facial Wrinkles And Their Causes

There are two main types of facial wrinkles that you most commonly see on people’s faces and they are:

● Dynamic Wrinkles:

These facial wrinkles appear over time due to the repetition of the facial movements that are used to express emotions and feelings. You’ll notice them whenever you laugh, cry, are in a deep state of concentration, etc…

● Static Wrinkles:

These are the types of facial wrinkles that you would get due to the loss of firmness and elasticity because of the lack of collagen production as you age. They are more challenging to get rid of than dynamic wrinkles, and they can be enhanced in a bad way by poor diet or incorrect life habits such as smoking.

Now, each one of these two types has its kind of wrinkles. Let’s mention some of them so you can have a better understanding and a clearer picture of what we’re dealing with here. Let’s start with the dynamic ones first.

Dynamic Wrinkles Types:

1. Frown Lines:
Also referred to as the 11’s or as the glabellar, frown lines appear between eyebrows as two vertical lines. The main cause of them is the repeated muscle contraction in this area.

2. Forehead Lines:
These lines run horizontally right at the top of the T-zone area. It happens due to the contraction of the frontalis muscle on the forehead.

3. Crow’s Feet:
This type of wrinkle extends horizontally from the outer corners of both eyes, and it happens due to smiling, frowning, and squinting.

4. Smile Lines:
They are the lines that extend from the side of the nose and the mouth, sometimes down to the chin. They have two types which are nasolabial fold and nasolabial crease.

Moving on to the static ones. And they are…

Static Wrinkles Types:

1. Neck Lines:
They are the lines that you see under or around the neck, and they happen due to loss of collagen, prolonged exposure to sun rays, and smoking.

2. Jowls:
It’s the saggy skin below your jawline or your chin, and it happens due to a lot of factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, chronic dehydration, or aging because your skin loses a lot of elasticity over time.

Now that we have talked about wrinkles, explained their types, and mentioned their causes, it’s time to know how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from ever coming near us for as much time as possible. LET’S GO!

How To Bring Life Back To Saggy Skin

● Use Antioxidants:

These things are straight-up vitamin mines, especially vitamins C, E, and B. Antioxidants’ main mission and focus is to make your skin stronger against oxidative stress, and they help prevent your skin from wrinkling or sagging rather than reversing the damage.

● Use Collagen Production Enhancers:

Some creams and lotions contain retinol, peptides, and growth factors. These ingredients actually stimulate the production of collagen in your skin which plays a major anti-aging role for your skin. The single most important one of these ingredients to firm the skin of the face and neck is tretinoin.

● Improving Life Habits:

This means replacing your bad life habits with good ones like:

1. Maintain healthy body weight.

2. Quit smoking.

3. Have a healthy food diet.

4. Drink alcohol moderately.

5. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays by using a good SPF.

6. Take the right kind of supplements.

7. Drink plenty of water.

● Or, You Can Use Natural Home Remedies:

The first thing that comes to my mind is aloe vera, the wonders maker. With its hydrating, nourishing, and anti-aging properties, it will leave your skin more youthful and radiant than it ever was before. Look for ingredients that have the same properties, and make sure to add them to your daily skincare routine to guarantee your place away from the sagging and aging monster.


It’s a small procedure that aims to boost and generate collagen production in your skin by using tiny needles that prick the surface of the skin. You’ll need several sessions to get the desired result but if it was done right, the results are definitely guaranteed. And as for the cost of the single session, it all depends on where you are doing it but if we want to speak in general we would say that the session costs around 100$ to 700$.


An easy choice that everyone loves to take because it lasts up to four or five months and it costs around 300$ to 400$ per treatment. If you want to invest in that I wouldn’t mind but don’t worry to keep up a good skincare routine. Just because the botox took away your wrinkles doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your skin because the skin is something that needs to always be taken care of.

And there you have it! The basic knowledge you need to solve the mystery of your saggy skin or to prevent your skin from sagging is at your service. Make sure not to do anything you read online without fact-checking it more than once first so you won’t harm yourself. And remember to always consult your dermatologist or your trusted beauty clinic before you try anything new. Keep it safe, and keep it smart.


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