Photoepilation hair removal

Many people want to remove hair from their bodies for cosmetic reasons permanently. The popularly known hair removal method is depilation which only removes hair temporarily, allowing hair to regrow after a short time. In contrast, photoepilation is a permanent hair removal method that removes hair from the root. Read on to learn about photoepilation, its major benefits, and how it differs from the laser removal method.

What Is Photoepilation?

Photoepilation is a technique that removes hair using light. It involves using intense pulse light (IPL) systems in a controlled manner to destroy the ability of the follicle to generate hair again. With the correct application of the IPL systems, it won’t damage the skin, only the hair follicle. 

Photoepilation is painless and allows for a vast skin area to be treated. Aside from permanently stopping hair growth, photoepilation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and aids in removing pigmentation. 

It is effective for fair and darker skin, so it’s advised to perform the procedure during the darker months of the year. For the total removal of hairs, 3 to 5 procedures are needed every 5 to 6 years. Clients with more body hair may require up to 6 procedures. 

Also, three weeks before and after the photoepilation procedure, the skin has to be protected from sun exposure.

Some areas of the body where you can use photoepilation to remove hair permanently include underarms, legs, back, full body, upper lips, groins, etc.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure to remove unwanted body hair. It involves using a concentrated beam of light (a laser) on the skin with unwanted hair. Melanin in the hair absorbs the light and converts it to heat, destroying hair follicles that produce hair growth. Because hairs are at different growth phases, multiple laser treatments are needed to delay hair growth.

Although laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth, it doesn’t result in permanent removal. 

The most common areas where the laser is used include the face, underarms, bikini areas, and back. 

Laser treatments are most effective for people with light skin and dark hair, but they can be used for people of all skin types. It works well for dark hair because it has the most melanin (pigment) and absorbs heat. So the hair transfers heat to the follicles and destroys them to inhibit growth.

Photoepilation vs Laser Hair Removal: The Difference

Photoepilation and laser hair removal are similar procedures that give similar results. However, they have a few technical differences.

Both remedies are carried out by devices that emit light in different ways. Lasers emit a single wavelength of light and work selectively. They target only hair follicles and surrounding cells where the hair grows from to achieve hair removal. On the other hand, IPL devices emit light of different wavelengths. The light works on the hair target, with the hair melanin not absorbing the light as much. 

Hair removal procedures depend on the power of the device used. Usually, photoepilation devices have a power output of 10-15-50 J/cm2, unlike laser devices which may be up to 150J/cm2. So, lasers are more powerful and help achieve more effective results.

The major difference between lasers and photoepilation hair removal methods is that lasers emit just one wavelength of light as opposed to photoepilation devices which emit light of several wavelengths which disperse and are not thoroughly effective in eliminating hair follicles because of their low power.

However, photoepilation is preferable to laser because it is less expensive and can perform other procedures, like flushing removal and skin rejuvenation, unlike lasers which are expensive and specific in action.

Benefits Of Photoepilation Over Laser Hair Removal Method

Are you tired of always dealing with continuous waxing or regularly shaving your legs? You may have contemplated using IPL or laser hair removal for a more permanent solution.

The following are some of the reasons we compiled at Clinic Main D’or on why you should go for photoepilation over laser hair removal.

  1. It Addresses Hair Removal And Other Skin Conditions.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) or photoepilation is not only effective for inhibiting hair growth. It also targets other skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, red veins and broken blood vessels. This is because the light rays from IPL can address a larger number of skin structures at a time and produce a more extensive treatment. 

This is unlike laser, which is specific to hair removal only.

  1. It Is Less Painful

Most people report that laser is much more painful, and this is because it uses a much higher intensity of heat on targeted areas.

Photoepilation is gentler. Hair follicles absorb its light beam, preventing future growth with repeated treatments.

  1. Faster Hair Removal Method For Larger Areas

The laser is specific and direct, meaning it can only simultaneously treat small areas. This means treating larger areas like the back or legs takes longer. Photoepilation, on the other hand, is a broad spectrum that can address a large area at a time.


The following are some contraindications for laser hair removal and photoepilation:

  • Dermatitis and eczema
  • Varicose veins
  • Lactation
  • Tattoos
  • Pregnancy
  • Moles of unknown origin
  • Diabetes
  • Skin lesions in the bikini area
  • Any infectious diseases

A few days before the procedure, the clinic will recommend a moisturizer to apply to treatment areas. Note also that you have to avoid exposure to sunlight 5 days before and after the treatment since the skin retains heat, and you don’t want your skin to burn.

Photoepilation Procedure (IPL)

Before going in for the procedure, you should know what to expect. 

Before The Treatment

Before the procedure, the doctor or skin care specialist will examine your skin and tell you what to expect. This is also the time to let them know if you have any condition that may hinder your healing after treatment, such as eczema or inflammatory acne. The skin care specialist will advise you on activities, medications, and products to avoid two weeks before the procedure.

During The Procedure

The professional skincare specialist will clean the area to be treated and then rub a gel on the skin. The light pulses from the IPL device will then be applied to your skin. On commencement of treatment, they will provide dark glasses to protect your eyes from the rays.

The pulses may sting a bit and can be likened to being snapped with a rubber band. Treatment may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on how large the area of the skin is. For effective results, you may need about 3 to 6 treatments spaced monthly for the skin to heal in between. 

Does Photoepilation Hurt?

Because everyone has different thresholds for pain, there is no one definite answer as it’s subjective. Photoepilation devices have some intensity regulations that can adapt to fit each person’s sensitivity. 

The first photoepilation sessions are a little more painful because the hairs are tougher and more. So, you’d notice the burning feeling. However, with time, you get used to the annoying pain.

How Long Does It Last?

Note that hair will not grow again on treated areas. However, new ones may grow, depending on hormones. Also, since most hair follicles are in different growth phases, it may require subsequent treatments to eliminate hair thoroughly.

You should also know that though photoepilation is long-lasting, it is not definitive hair removal. Over the years, you may need to repeat sessions to make the results long-lasting.

Choose Clinic Main D’or For Your Photoepilation

Although photoepilation or intense pulsed light (IPL) systems have less precision, they are versatile because of the different types of light they emit. Also, treatment with photoepilation is more effective than laser, especially if the hair color and skin color don’t follow the ideal prescription for lasers.

Based on your hair color, skin color, hair depth and thickness, and hair removal site, our professionals at Clinic Main D’or will select a personalized option for you from the wide range of photoepilation and hair removal solutions we offer.

We will provide effective photoepilation hair removal and recommend a series of treatments to you with our state-of-the-art machines and skilled and professional staff.

For more information about photoepilation or to book a session, contact Clinic Main D’or now. 


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