What Is Microblading?


Ready? Set, aim, fire! Our topic for today is all about your beautiful rhythms and filling your world with melodies after taking care of your deluxe charm. Do you want to know what it is? Sure you do! It is about your lovely eyebrows and taking care of them.

Well, listen to what Anastasia Soare says about eyebrows, "I find that nothing frames a face so beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped brows".

Well, what more can I add other than saying that I couldn’t agree more?! We all spend time and money loading up eyebrows with gels or pencils so we can slide them off our faces a few hours later. For sure, you are doing the same thing to glow with more elegant eyebrows.  But you may find this challenging and expensive over time and It is time to stop it and move forward to consider microblading, the semi-permanent form of brow tattooing.

Do you find it scary to go through the process of microblading? Do not worry because this process hurts less than you imagine it does. Wipe that scary image off your mind and be ready to get the great results that will make you weigh your options.

You probably have a lot of questions to ask about microblading and the whole process, and fortunately, we have got all the answers.

Let’s Learn About Brow Microblading:

It’s amazing how many dizzying products and services you have to have around you all the time in order to own thick lush brows. Luckily there is a treatment you can depend on to have stylish eyebrows fitting your face instead of using the traditional tattoo gun. It is microblading. A semi-permanent tattooing technique to reshape the eyebrows where a professional esthetician uses small tools accompanied by teeny tiny needles. To reach the wanted style, these needles are used manually to draw delicate hair strokes and at the same time deposit pigment under the skin. What do you expect the result would be? Voila, you will get realistic-looking brow hairs. So, is microblading a tattoo or not? Follow us in the following part to know the facts about this amazing process.

Tattoo Or Not?

This may sound a little confusing but the answer is yes and not at the same time. We can say there is a difference between the tattoo and microblading process. You know that tattoos last forever while microblading is considered a semi-permanent tattoo because the hairlike strokes aren’t as deeply ingrained into the skin. Later we will know more about how long it lasts. There is another difference between the two processes which is the pigment used in each one. Plus, you will find that the dye particles in the microblading link are less concentrated, so you will find that your brows look softer and more realistic.

How long does microblading last?

As we told you earlier, it is not scary to do the microblading to get a stylish look. Now, let’s discover together the duration of this process and how long it lasts.

Your skin type is the secret that will decide this. Generally, if you have oily skin, it fades the fastest. This process typically lasts one to three years and gets continuous results. But after four weeks from the treatment, you should schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that the results are as expected. It will not cost you as much as the first appointment. If you do this touch-up, it will last for 12 months. Maybe you need to know about the cost of doing microblading, right? Follow us! We will talk about it in quick and easy steps.

Cost To Get Microbladed Eyebrows?

It’s not only a treatment, it is an art! So, it’s totally worth it to make your eyebrows look fantastic when you have some money to spare. Before you start, you need a consultation so a professional esthetician will inform you about the duration of the treatment and the cost.

In short, the cost will range between $500 and $2,000 depending on where you live and how long you need to finish. If you plan to show off your beautiful eyebrows, start planning your budget.

It is not cheap to use brow products because they will cost you a fortune over time. It is worth it to spend the needed cost to feel natural brows.

What About Side Effects?

Brows on fleek?

Get your arty eyebrows by having your brow artist draw them together and finish in a sparkling manner.

The microblading process may, however, be accompanied by side effects. An infection can occur if you do not follow proper aftercare procedures.

A two-day course may be required for the esthetician to become certified and use the latest technology and techniques. Consequently, before you take the important step and book an appointment, be sure to read reviews and check before and after images to choose your artist wisely.

Options for Microblading Removal?

Love, now we are sharing with you 3 options to remove the microblading. You have laser microblading removal, saline microblading removal, and emergency saline microblading removal.

- Laser Microblading Removal:

Here the process goes through the same way as tattoo removal. It is easier to break down the pigments than in tattoo removal. It may take a few months depending on the pigments’ ingredients.

- Saline Microblading Removal:

It is a more effective option than laser removal. It dries up the pigments so it becomes easier to pull them out of the skin through scabbing. With this option, the results are so efficient.

- Emergency Saline Microblading Removal:

Following the 48 hours after the treatment, this option is done if you want to remove microblading immediately. It is not the same as saline removal that is applied to the incisions to extract the pigments.

We Reach The End:

Are you still hesitant about doing microblading? No worries, go prepare a cup of coffee and get in the mood of your day. Once you decide to start microblading, you will have well-shaped eyebrows. We are listening to the whispers that revolve in your mind say to you, go lady, and give yourself the ultimate revolution of the beauty you deserve. It is time for you to earn what you deserve.


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