What Is Permanent Makeup?

If you could make one wish with your genie, what would it be? You might ask for money, traveling, or the ability to teleport. For me? I am asking for starting my day having a full face beat that will take zero effort. Well, it may sound a little bit weird to you, but believe me, I’m serious, thankfully with the current care updates in 2022. Welp, you can make it now and wake up with permanent makeup. How great does it sound?

The permanent makeup makes it easy for you. It's just a tattoo technique that can leave you with tinted lips, full brows, and cat eyes for many years. There are no products needed to do the process, and it’s just like real makeup, unlike the line of tattooed ink along with your mouth or lids.

So, how exactly does it work? Is it a painful process? I gotcha, don’t worry about it. I’ll explain everything to you, such as lip blushing, eyeliner, and microblading. Good luck getting through this guide without even booking an appointment to decide whether you want to handle it or not. So, let’s start together and know more about hitting permanent makeup.

What is permanent makeup?

Well, sometimes it is like cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation. Semi-permanent makeup is a treatment that can grant you less hassled makeup. It is a ready-made look. It's great that you can now save yourself from the long hours that your mirror will take while applying your eyebrows, lip liner, and eyeliner. All the favor goes back to injecting tiny amounts of pigment into the dermal layers of your skin. See? It's a magic trick.

To get more exciting news, tattoo makeup is not exclusive to women. Men and women can get the benefits of these treatments. They help them to disguise scars and other problems with skin with cutting-edge micropigmentation techniques.

Semi-permanent makeup is an easy and quick way that is painless that will give you a natural make-up look. So, forget about spending long hours daily doing your makeup.

Is It safe?

It can be totally safe, but to be honest there are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. It’s better for you, so you can avoid any infections or complications in case it happens. First, I recommend you do your research deeply before going into the procedure and be sure to consult a professional that is licensed to apply the procedure. Make sure that you don’t have sensitivities or allergies to ink before you book an appointment. This can be checked by your derma who will identify if you have sensitive skin.

Make sure that you are taking care of your permanent makeup during the healing process. Aftercare treatment relies on your specific process of doing your permanent makeup, but I recommend applying an ointment for one week and keeping it away from being wet. Well, the healing process is shorter than doing a normal tattoo that may last for 3 weeks. It’s because the needle doesn’t go as deep into the skin layers. Still, you can expect a lot of the same things as normal tattoos, flaking. Dryness, and scabbing.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Accordingly, it will last from 1 to 3 years, depending on what kind of treatment you receive. So, it’s not totally permanent, but honestly, it’s more permanent than the eyeliner that may smudge off your face when you reach the end of your day. I will give you the answer to why it doesn’t last forever like a regular tattoo. It’s because applying permanent makeup doesn’t reach the deeper layers of your skin. Instead, it’s more like a tattoo. Cool? Cool.

What are the procedures?

The most common procedures are lip tattoo, microblading eyebrows, ombre powder brows, nano blading, micro feathering, micro-pigmentation of skin imperfections, lash lift, BB glow, and scalp micro-pigmentation. The procedure involves injecting pigments between the dermis and the epidermis with microneedles. For sure, there is a difference between the color of the spots on the areas that need treatment. Well, black is for eyeliner, black and hues of brown for eyebrows, shades of pink for lips and cheeks, and special tinted serums for BB glow procedures.

The Aftercare Treatment:

It takes time to heal from any skin trauma. Consequently, to stay healthy and minimize the side effects of infections, it is vital you follow the aftercare instructions your medical professional gives you. Proper healing gives you the best results that will continue for a long period.

A lot of factors influence how long it takes your skin to heal, but the first 7-10 days are crucial and very important. During this period, you should keep your treated area away from getting wet as much as possible. You also need to avoid sun exposure and use good sunscreen whenever you go out of your home. UV light can fade pigment or change color.

Semi permanent removal:

If you are not satisfied with the look, there is a solution if the results fade after a while.  There is an alternative solution which is saline removal that is efficient and safe. It lifts pigment molecules from the skin and fades the marks.

Also, laser removal is possible but it may cost up to $500. But obviously, it must be done by experts to avoid any risks and take the procedures that will keep you safe.


So today, work for it and beat the clock! You can save your time, get the look you want, and do other things instead of standing for a long while in front of your mirror. It’s amazing how new technology allows us to preserve beauty at its highest level. Permanent makeup is the move you need to rock your days. Do it after consulting a professional expert to reach the best results.


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