What Skin Care Routine Should I Use with Micropigmentation?

You have a tender face at twenty, so keep it the same at fifty with the right skincare routine and treatments like micropigmentation and red light therapy.

It may take you many years to keep your skin in good condition according to the routine you follow day by day. About 161 million people use skincare and cosmetic products, including permanent makeup in Montreal. It is obvious how important it is to give new birth to your skin every morning. Also, you need to know your skin type to choose the right products and the right ways that will make your skin glow more in all places.

Let’s begin to know more about your skincare routine and the products that you need to use, especially if you're considering treatments like hifu Montreal.

Tips For Your Skincare Routine by Estheticians in Montreal: 

Before you start the needed routine, there are many steps to consider to get the best results; ‍

● Cleansing

● Toning

● Moisturizing

Allow these three steps to accompany you every day to keep your skin healthy and blooming. It is essential to choose the products that suit your age and change them according to the current status of your skin.

Take Your Time with Micropigmentation: 

Don’t rush, for it takes time, patience, and consistent use of skincare products to get the best results and depend on the perfect routine. If you're considering micropigmentation in Montreal, ensure you follow post-treatment care.

So, depending on the consistency of your skincare product. It is better to use the thinnest products and then the thickest products. Use cleanser, toner, serum, and then moisturizer.

Day and night, follow the next order to use the skincare products; ‍

● Day:

Cleanser, toner, serums, eye cream, spot treatments, moisturizer, face oil, and sunscreen.

● Night:

Cleanser, toner, serums, eye cream, spot treatments, moisturizer, retinol, and face oil.

But First,

DON'T OVERUSE SKINCARE PRODUCTS, DON’T EITHER OVER ROUTINE Make it simple and use only the needed steps and routine, including cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. In this way, you can glow with a better face everywhere.

Cleansing Before Red Light Therapy Montreal: 

If you want your skin to absorb products better, then prepare it for this and make it free from oil and grime. No need to use wipes that may leave your skin not ready to absorb the complete benefit from the products. You can use cleansing oil to dissolve your makeup and keep your skin without stripping it.

If there is any acne-prone skin, then use a gentle creamy cleanser. Your skin type is the base to choose a suitable skincare product. When you choose the right formula, your skin will be cleansed without stripping it, and keep the essential oils. You don't have to overuse scrubs more than once a week or those that contain crushed walnut or abrasive ingredients.

Toner and Permanent Makeup Montreal: 

After applying the cleanser, you need to use a toner before using any other product.

Earlier, toner refers to an alcohol-based liquid that may irritate your face. Nowadays, the toners formula has evolved to include a variety of nutrients that can help other products to absorb better and balance your complexion.

It is optional to use toner or not. You can use other ingredients if you have time and inclination including, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, rose water, green tea, and vitamins E & C.

Make sure to use the toner in clean hands to get the most efficient results for your skin.

Use some drops in your palm, and then wipe them out. Otherwise, you can use a cotton pad before putting tone on your skin.

It is good to use the toner day, night, or only at night or every other day.

To choose the suitable toner, use those filled with beta hydroxy acids or alpha hydroxy acids that will work in unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and dissolve blackheads over time. AHAs are more beneficial for dry skin, while BHAs are better for oily skin.

Serums and HIFU Treatment in Montreal: 

Serums are shots of concentrated nutrients, hydration, and antioxidants. They help your skin to keep healthy for a long time. Many people may consider serums as unbeneficial products to use while they are really essential for the skincare routine. Serums are also optional, but it is advised by many dermatologists and esthetician Montreal to use serums as the first step to level up your skincare routine and health.

Using vitamin C serum will enhance your skin protection from inflammation and damage that the environment causes during the day. Some drops aid in your skin glowing, brightening, and removing the dark spots over time.

Otherwise, if you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to use vitamin serum day in day out.

To keep your skin moisturized, use a serum filled with hyaluronic acid that will help your skin to get the needed water from the air. Also, if you are using anti-aging products, you need to moisturize your skin first.

Eye Cream and Red Light Therapy Montreal: 

Use eye creams before applying any creams or oils. Eye creams are considered lighter and thinner than face moisturizers, so when it comes to applying skincare, apply the lightest and then the heaviest.

It isn’t necessary for all people to use eye creams if they use moisturizer or sunscreen. When it comes to choosing the eye cream, select it with a rollerball applicator and the formula filled with caffeine to constrict and tighten puffy under eyes within 20 minutes.

Since the eye’s area is sensitive to the use of many products that may irritate the eyes, you need to pay attention and use gentle products. You can use retinol around your eyes, but it is more advisable to use retinoids on your whole face.

Best Skincare Products in Montreal: 

You may be confused sometimes while you are thinking of what is the suitable product for your skin. Well, here, you can find all the useful products that suit your skin type, assuring you to have the best results.

It is your personal, intimate, and it is your daily routine whether your skin is oily or dry.

Still confused, counsel a professional to take your product and apply it to your face, so it looks more glowing and lightening.


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